Monday, 13 August 2012

The 3 C’s for Effective Communication

In today’s competitive environment, the success of an individual depends largely upon they way one communicates. Communication is an integral part of any process.  The mantra for effective  communication depends on these 3 Cs which are Content, Confidence and Communication. Each ‘C ‘is most critical and vital. The absence of any one ‘ C ‘can lead to  poor communication. These 3 Cs can be applied while making Presentations, Public Speaking, Group Discussions, Interviews, Meetings , Formal or casual conversations.

1.Content: The quality of communication is based on content. Content is the subject matter which comes from Knowledge, Skill and Experience. Good Communicators work on good content. They best way to acquire content is through reading, research and constant updation.

 2. Confidence: The next important aspect to effective communication is the confidence. Communicating boldly and confidently in front of audience with positive body language creates great impact. Confidence comes from experience and constant practice.

3. Communication: This is the 3rd C which is the most critical and vital. The effectiveness   of communication depends the chosen language, expertise in the language, grammar, clarity of thoughts, speed, body language, gestures and voice modulation.

Though these 3 C’s looks simple, each one have important role to play. Keeping these pointers in mind will certainly lead to effective communication.

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